Advance search and export option?

If you want to search/export email data from some specific lists or from all the lists with criteria then follow this process.

Follow this path.

Contact List --> All Subscribers --> Filter

Search in a List

Search email in the list 2

Then you can select the criteria as per your requirement.

1. List - you can select any specific list(s) or all the lists based on your requirement.

2. Status

    Some common statuses are as follows.

  • Confirmed - For all the active contacts.
  • Unsubscribed - For Unsubribed contacts.
  • Blacklisted - Hard bounce contacts.

3. Sources - You can select all of the sources.

4. Unique - Yes

5. Action - You can view, export, or perform the other action based on your need.

There are some more filters you can use, such as search any specific email you want to search in all these lists or you view/export openers/clicker or non-opener/clicker of any campaign, etc.

Kindly Note: This export option will only export the email column of your list (lists) and not any other columns, if you want to export all the columns then you have to export it via the regular export option present for each list.

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