How to add domains?

Go to the My Domains section in your admin (reseller) account.

Add my Domains

Add your domain name (without HTTP or HTTPS or www) and save it.

Add domain and save

The system will generate two DNS records (TXT records) as follows.

DNS records

(Replace the with your domain name)

Add these DNS records in your domains DNS (from where you purchased the domains such as Godaddy or any similar domain provider).

It will take some time to propagate the DNS records, so wait for that time (propagate time may vary from to provider)

You can verify externally as well if your DNS records are successfully added in your domain's DNS or not.

(Replace the with your domain name)

1. Verify the DKIM record.

DNS verify

2. Verify the SPF record.

SPF Records

Once records will be added, click on the Verify DNS Records button to verify your domain.

Verify the DNS

You will get the successful verification message it will addedd successful or the error message if it is not.

DNS verified Successfully

Error in DNS

Make sure that your domains will be verified subbfully before you will use them in your mailing.

DNS verified Yes

Kindly Note:
You can use only those domain which belongs to you or your customer. (for which you have the access of their DNS)

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