How to send a email campaign?

Go to the campaign in your customer account.

1. Click on the 'Create new' button as follow.

Create New Campaign

2. Give the 'Campaign Name' and select your already created 'Contact list'
(you can select the 'Segment' as well if you want to send only to a specific segment and not the whole list).

Click on 'Save and Next'.

Campaign Name, List or Segment Select

3. You can change the 'From Name' or 'Reply-to Email' as per your choice.

Give ''Subject line' for your email campaign and leave other options as it is for system use.

Click on 'Save and Next'.

Campaign - From Name, Reply to Name, Subject line

4. You can create a new template directly from here if you already have a created one in your save template area then select that template with 'Change/Select Template' option as follows.

Campaign - Change and Select Template

'Choose' your required template as follows.

Campaign - Choose your template

Click on 'Save and Next' button

5. You can schedule your email campaign with 'Send At' button (Use the calendar to select the date and time) if you want to send the email at any future date/time.

Kindly Note: Please change your timezone first from your account to make sure the time at 'Send At' will match with your local timezone.

If you want to send the email campaign right now then leave the existing details as it is.

Campaign - Confirmation and Scheduling

Click on 'Send Campaign' button.

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