What system handle bounce or unsubscribe and Did I have to remove the bounce or unsubscribe user manually from each list, how it works?

Any hard bounce ID or unsubscribe user marked as 'Blacklisted' and 'Unsubscribe' user in the system so next time onward these ID won't receive any further emails from you for any of the next campaigns.

The system will do this process automatically for you and no manual intervention required.

Kindly Note:

For the Unsubscribe users, if those users are present in multiple lists then they still get the email for those lists too.

And if you want that they won't receive any of your emails from other lists too then make sure that all the unique records will be present in each list or you can export the unsubscribe user and import in your blacklist/suppression lists, so they won't receive any of the emails from you.

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