Do I require my own email marketing software?, Do I need my own SMTP?, If I am using your SMTP, what are the limits to sending?

In this server setup, we will create the complete bulk mailing solution for you for sending bulk emails.

As a requirement of this server setup, you have to take a server(s), additional IPs and domain(s) and we will do all the necessary configuration to send emails via them.

We will install one web-application (email marketing application) on one of your server, through which you can send upload/manage your contact lists, create/send your email campaigns and check the statistics.

We will create SMTP servers as well. and this email marketing application will be connected to these SMTP email servers for sending emails. The number of SMTP servers will depend on your selected package.

We won't share our SMTP instead we will create the SMTP for you.

This is a complete solution and you will NOT need any other application or software apart from this setup.

Email Sending limit will depend on your selected plan such as 25,000 emails/day, 200k emails/day or 1 Million emails/day.

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