Cold Emailing

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A Cold Email is an email sent to a person with who you have no prior relationship.

It’s similar to a cold call. The cold email has its pros and cons, but if done properly can be an inexpensive way to acquire new customers.

In some cases, it is a good form of communication to start a conversation, unless you are not doing spamming or irritating with your lots of emails to your recipients.

What you should have a focus on while writing any cold email?

What you could best to make your email campaign successful, specially for clod mailing , here are some tips.

Subject line

It is the first thing that any customer will saw in your email. Try to avoid marketing or pure sales subject lines.
Your content could be related to sales but your subject to just brief information regarding the content which make your reader more curious to open your email.

There is no point if they don’t open your email at all, which is highly dependent upon your subject lines.

Make it personalized

A good cold email should be personalized. With the personalized tags such as [FNAME] [LANME] of any other similar details, you can make your subject line and your email content personalized.

A generic subject line can easily traceable by the spam filter and very high chances to be filtered before reaching the inbox.

Make your reader curious

Sound to complicated but it is actually not, try to follow the news article technique where they usually create a juice heading and small description such as “the top 10 best moments of Oscar and 3rd one make me crazy”.

You can provide lots of information in your email still it is limited compare to your website, so if you want to route your leads to your landing pages or to your website then you have to make sure that they will click on your desire link.

Or if you don’t have any webpage then you can make sure that they will hit a reply button and ask some queries related to your email.

When they will start engaging with your email they only you can sell something to them.

Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep is a passionate and determined entrepreneur, building internet products since 2015.
He is currently leading the marketing & product management team for Goletro Technologies.


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