DNS Changes for the domain in Ionos

Open your ionos.com account.

Once logged into your Ionos account, click Manage Domain under the domain you wish to use for your private nameservers.

Click on Manage Domain

Manage DNS

Step 2: Next, click the Adjust Name Server link. This will take you to the page that allows you to both modify name servers as well as create new ones.

Adjust Nameserver

Click on the Edit name server button.

Edit Name Server

This next part can be a bit tricky, so please read carefully.

First, erase the content that exists in any of the available boxes: Clear Out Old Nameservers

Erase Nameservers

Next, enter the first name server you are creating. Keep in mind, it must be using the domain of which you are currently managing.

You will see two new text boxes appear directly below the one you were typing in.

Nameserver Update

Enter the primary IP Address of your VPS in the IPv4 address box. You are not required to enter anything in the IPv6 address box.

And, Repeat this process for the second name server for the Name Server 2 box.

This part will require a different IPv4 address that resolves to your VPS.

Nameserver with IPv4

Enter Name server subdomain names (ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com) and IP's, then click save.

You will see a message stating that the name servers will be adopted.

Nameserver Updates

You will need to obtain a second IP Address for your VPS if you see the following error:

Same IP Error

Error if attempting to use the same IP Address for Both Records

As with all DNS records, global propagation can take up to 24 to 48 hours to finish.

Note: Please do not forget to change with domain.com and IPs your actual domain name and your own IPs.

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