How to set up the feedback loop for Yahoo?

A feedback loop (FBL) is a service offered by many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that report back complaints (when a subscriber hits the spam or junk button in their inbox) to senders.

It’s provided to way to senders in keeping a clean list.

Senders should use feedback loops to listen to their subscribers and to take action (removing subscribers) if there are complaints.

Most FBLs are IP based.

Yahoo! is the only ISP that has a domain-based FBL.

Signing up for the Yahoo! Feedback Loop.

Login to your Yahoo email account

Browse to

Select Complaint Feedback Loop.

Yahoo FBL

Fill out all the fields as follows:

Company Name         Your name or Company Name
Contact Name            Your Name
Contact Email             Your Contact Address
Reporting Email          [email protected]
Selector                       emailer
Request type              Select 'Add'
Domain                        Your sending domain

Yahoo FBL Form

Submit your form.

Repeat this process for each domain. (if you have multiple domains)

Yahoo will send a -An email with a unique verification code will be sent to your [email protected].

Please contact the BulkEmailSetup team, for this verification code.

Once the verification code will be provided and submit a success message will be displayed, it means you successfully added your Yahoo FBL.

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