What is SMTP and web-application (front-end)?

Web-application (front-end) will be needed to manage your contacts, email templates, and campaign data.

It will be helpful to show you the statistics such as opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribe, etc.

But you can not send email only with web-application, you will need one email server (also known as an SMTP server) for sending emails which need to connect with your web-application.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and the SMTP servers will be used for sending emails.

Email always sent via SMTP server and it uses in combination with web-application/desktop tool for sending them.

BulkEmailSetup - How it Works?

Our server setup is a complete bulk mailing solution, which comes with combinations of web-application (email marketing application) and own in-build email servers (SMTP Servers) for sending emails.

You will not need any 3rd party SMTP nor any other application for your mailing, once you will set up our system.

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