What is VPS and from where I can take it?

The VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it will be Linux based server.

Once you will buy any VPS it will be a blank server, so we will make that VPS server as mailing server (SMTP server) after the setup.

We will do all the necessary configuration require for bulk mailing and install the web application as well on this same VPS.

Can I use my server or any other VPS?

It is not necessary to take the VPS from OVH, you can take it from anywhere.

We can use any VPS server but we usually recommend the OVH server.

We suggested OVH servers since it is quite economical ($8/month for a 4GB RAM VPS) and they charged for the IPs only once instead of per month. So not only you can save your monthly costing for the server but you can save the cost of IPs as well.

Moreover, apart from costing the main reason of using is that the OVH is quite lenient toward bulk mailing compare to others and also they are providing additional IPs without any justification, usually, the other providers may ask the purpose of additional IPs and they won't provide it for bulk mailing.

IPs justification

We are not linked or affiliated with OVH and there is no other reason to suggest you to OVH since OVH used by many of our clients without any issue hence we suggested OVH.

Else you can take VPS with 5 additional IPs from any other provider too, and we will set up the server for you.

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