Best ways to generate more traffic to your websites

Which are the best ways to generate more traffic to your websites?
There are many best ways to generate more traffic to your websites like Email Marketing, SEO (Seach engine optimization), Social Media, Blog Posting, Paid Advertise, Guest Blogging, Guest Posting etc.

But I will not explain to you the conventional way which everybody out there is doing.
Also, I will not be going to explain about the basis of what is SEO and what is Email Marketing, etc. this information you can easily read on the internet and you will get the idea about it.

I am going to explain here is what to do and what not to do with these techniques and how you can get apply those in real-time without any technical knowledge and improve your ranking and get some decent traffic to your website in a very effective way and in an economical way since time and money is important.

If you want to become a pro then this guide is for you. You will know which platform is good for you and how can you save your money and time and get the maximum traffic newly constructed website or blog.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is great if you want many visitors to your website via organic traffic and they will be highly targeted audience for you.

SEO will be very good and beneficial as a long-term traffic generator source if you applied it correctly.

Although SEO is very good you can get maximum traffic via SEO but there are few problems with it.

Time and Effort

Competition in SEO is very high, so if you are starting today with SEO there are many who already ahead of you to take the first-page place for that targeted keyword. It does not mean just left the gourd without fighting.

But that is also true that SEO is the time taking process, and you will get the result after few months since search engine will take time to get your website or web page to be Index and ranked better based on your website’s popularity and if your domain is new then it will take even more.

Do not even hire someone who commits to you to get in the first place since they even don’t know what they are promising and these things are not in someone’s hand.

If you building backlinks for your website or someone else doing it for you then think twice because with time these techniques have become older and search engine also become smarter day by day so any fishy technique will not get you to help out instead they will get you to spam out more easily.

Backlinks are the good and most effective way to measure any website ranking but it will only effective until you get it correctly and will get genuine backlinks.

Buying, Selling, and getting a backlink from a spammy website, which is already blacklisting will not going to help you in any way. So try to stay away from such techniques.

It could be possible that these fishy techniques will help you for a few days to good rank and traffic but it will not stay for a longer period.

But you should always follow an on-page SEO technique since for getting good ranking or traffic from SEO your page must have optimized according to the search engines and these techniques are not very complicated to apply.
You can take help of plugin for your WordPress website


Social Media


Social Media is a good platform to promote your content and make it viral to get some good traffic from it directly.

Social Media is also good for your SEO since the number of social posts shares will directly help you to get good rank via SEO and send the good signal to search engine for better ranking, As most of the Search Engine gives weight to your social shares.

But it is also true that you can not join a page or create the social profile and start selling your product or service or after posting it wait for it to make it viral.

You need to understand the behavior of social media users, what content they like, and how you can promote your content in the form of entertainment or as a knowledge post.

Nobody likes ads or promotional content.

Just try to see what others are doing and who they are promoting with those curiosity generating headlines.


Guest Blog/Comment Posting


Most of the people will suggest you post your website link in the comment section to any blog or on a website to get a do-follow backlink or at-least a backlink (even if it will be a no-follow).

These blog or website will always give a no-follow backlink to any external website links, also search engine will give you more important if your website’s link will be present in the main body of the post/article of a website instead of the comment section.

Guest posting of your website link will not helpful for SEO that much but it will be helpful for you in the sense that if any other user who is actually looking for similar services/product/content and clicked on your website to find, so you can get some traffic via this.

So try to find out for the same niche article/blog similar to your website, share your thoughts, opinions and suggest the other why your website is good and how it is different from others so that if any other user who is searching for the similar solution so they will route to your website.


Question-Answer Website

You should start promoting your content on these websites where you can join those blogs or websites and share your thought on some topics about your expertise in any specific area.

For example, if somebody us about the question of Email Marketing, our team will explain to them how they can achieve this thing and for more information, they can visit our website if they needed an email marketing platform.

The same way you can also do for your website, such a website is Quora, and WikiHow will be very helpful for you, and you get decent traffic from these websites.


Youtube Videos

Add a trailer video about your site or brand and link it to your dashboard. The dashboard contents will be visible to all the visitors seeing your channel profile. When a visitor is attracted by your trailer he not only will see all your videos but also view your site to check for more related content.

Provide an effective title and description to your videos which are shown in the search engine results.
Link your site URL to your videos using annotation or in the description.

Choose an attractive thumbnail for your videos which is the first impression of your video to the visitors searching on YouTube.

Share your videos on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, etc.

Being Google’s product YouTube videos are displayed top on search result pages and linking your site to your videos will significantly increase your traffic. It will help you to popularize your site’s brand through a simple tutorial video.


Email Marketing

Use Genuine and valid Email Data

Email Marketing which can you give you extra traffic in a short span of time of your target audience and in less cost if you will choose the appropriate service which will fit into your budget and fulfill your needs.

For email marketing, you can use 3 possible solutions that I can suggest to you for bulk mailing

Send Bulk Emails on Monthly Rental BasisEmails provider you can use like.. Mailchimp, Getresponse, etc. But the problem is that they are taking a very high charge per month or per email/subscribe basis.

Set up Bulk Email Server for Your Own

You can set up your own server with no restriction on subscribers or email sending limit (but keep it low to avoid spamming).

You can take the help of the BulkEmailSetup in order to set up your own SMTP bulk emailing server.

So you can set up your own email server for sending as many as emails which you want to send and without any restriction on a one-time setup cost.

Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep Pawar

Kuldeep is a passionate and determined entrepreneur, building internet products since 2015.
He is currently leading the marketing & product management team for Goletro Technologies.


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